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F.A.Q - Frequently asked questions

Q: How often should I give the worm pill to my pet?
A: For grown-up dogs and cats you can give the pill arter every 3-4 months. If you can already see worms or eggs in the excrement, then it´s necessary to repeat the cure after 10 days.
Q: Why is giving the worm pill recommended before vaccination?
A: Giving the worm pill is necessary to destroy internal parasites, this helps to create a complete immunity after vaccination.

Q: How many days before the vaccination date should I give the worm pill?
A: 7-10 days, but not more than one month.

Q: I plan to travel to Finland. When should I come to the clinic to get the echinococcus certificate in the dog´s passport?
A: Minimum of 24 hours and maximum of 5 days before the trip.

Q: How could I get information about travelling with my pet?
A: You can get the most accurate information from Harjumaa Veterinary Center, phone number: 6580420 või 6580433.

Q: How often should I vaccinate my pet?
A: Cats and dogs should be vaccinated yearly against viruses. Vaccinating against rabies is obligatory in Estonia and it is done after every 2 years. Rabbits are also vaccinated yearly. If you have the certificate of vaccination or a pet passport, then you can look the next vaccination date up by „kehtib kuni“ or „valid until“ box.

Q: I would like to get my pet´s nails clipped. Do I have to register a time?
A: Generally not, nail clipping will be in a live order.

Q: What is the difference between pet foods, that are sold at a clinic and those sold in the supermarkets? A: The simplest answer would be, that the foods sold in supermarkets (Whiskas, Chappi, Kitekat, Friskies…):

  • don´t include the necessary vitamins and other useful ingredients that are essential for a balanced diet,
  • include a lot of unnecessary and sometimes even bad ingredients like too much ash, food coloring, genetically modified corn, salt and sugar etc.
  • are likely to cause bladder or kidney problems.

Foods sold at clinics include more meat, are rich of vitamins and minerals and include exact amounts of nutrients according to the animal species, breed, weight  or medical condition. There are also a lot of tests done with the clinic foods, which also makes them a little pricier.

Q: Why should I castrate/sterilise my dog/cat?
A: Unsterilised cat can bring up to 20 offspring in a year. Dogs can also reproduce several times a year and in one litter there can even be up to 15 puppies. It´s the pet owner´s responsibility to prevent unwanted offspring, which is also the best way to reduce the number of stray animals. Neutered pets will become more calm, don´t pee to mark places, stay in their own territories. Therefore the operation benefits to several parties –  to your neighbour, you, environment, other pet owners etc. Good bye, sleepless nights and broken furniture.

Q: Is there a place to park near Tatari animal clinic?
A: Yes there is, we have a parking lot in our yard (1 place), we can open the barrier when you call us.

Q: I bought an ampoule against fleas and ticks for my 52-kg dog. On the label it says it´s for 40-60 kg dogs. Do I have to use the whole ampoule on my dog or can I share it with my smaller dog?
A: You must use all the liquid included in an ampoule on your dog, you cannot share it with anyone else, because otherwise  may not be able to achieve its full efficiency.

Q: How often should I use the ampoules against fleas and ticks?
A: From late spring to early autumn you should do it every month, when your pet goes outdoors. One ampoule works for one month.