Advice for visiting the clinic – Tatari Loomakliinik

Advice for visiting the clinic

  • If you want to visit the clinic with your pet, book a time by the phone, so we can offer you better and faster service.
  • When you´re coming to vaccinate your pet, take the certificate of vaccination or pet passport with you (if your pet has them). Cats and dogs should be given worm pills 7-10 days before the vaccination.
  • Before you´re coming to buy the ampouls against worms, fleas or ticks, please find out your pet´s weight so that we can give you the exact amount of medicine.
  • If your pet is agressive, the vet has a right to refuse taking him/her in.
  • If you want to consult with the doctor by the phone, you should also consider the fact that at the same time there are patients in the clinic, which means that we may ask you to call back later.
  • We can give you the copy of your pet´s medical history, but you should consider that it takes a little time to get it done.
  • To ensure your´s and other´s safety, we ask you to hold your pet on a leash or in a pet cage.
  • We have two free parking spaces in our yard. Please call us so that we can open the barrier for you.